New 12-Step Boost-Workshops: 12 Concepts

KEEP IT SIMPLE & SHORT: That is the concept of our 12-Step online Boost-Workshops with 12 concepts in 12 weeks.

Date/Time: Wednesday 19:15-20:30h CET (Munich/Stuttgart), June 2 – August 18
Location: Online meeting (platform details see image).
Room opens 19:00. After 19:30 no direct access / waiting room & block access only to avoid interruption.
Language: English

Requirements/Preparation: Please bring pen and paper. And also please read the text passages in your Al-Anon literature to each tradition as a preparation for the workshop to each step.

12-Concepts Boost-WorkshopProgram:

  1. Concept 2.6.21
  2. Concept 9.6.21
  3. Concept 16.6.21
  4. Concept 23.6.21
  5. Concept 30.6.21
  6. Concept 7.7.21
  7. Concept 14.7.21
  8. Concept 21.7.21
  9. Concept 28.7.21
  10. Concept 4.8.21
  11. Concept 11.8.21
  12. Concept 18.8.21
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