Thank you so much for attending our 2nd International Round-Up in Grainau / Zugspitze!

This is what people who attended the round-up shared with us:

„You ROCK! Thank you for everything!!“

„Great Convention!“

„Everything was well organised and thought of. I had a great experience!“

„Wonderful Job you did!“

„Great organization, wonderful people, my favourite Round-up, greeat location!“

„It was absolutely awesome, thank you so much“

„The Sky Is The Limit“ – Round-Up October 2017

Dear Al-Anons,

The next International Al-Anon Round-Up organised by the English-Speaking Al-Anon Home Group Munich will take place on

20.-22.10.2017 in Grainau/Zugspitze!

The Round-Up is with AA and ACA participation, so there’s something for everyone. Meetings will be held for each group and there will also be open speaker meetings. So whatever you need – whatever you seek – whatever you have to give: you are most welcome and we look forward to having you with us! Want to join us for an inspiring and fun week-end? Download the flyer here and sign up today: Al-Anon Flyer 2017

Contact sobriety13122012(@) if you have any further questions.


This is what people who attended in 2016 said about the meeting:

„It was great! – I enjoyed it so much!“

„I felt serenity and can’t find anything to criticise! I enjoyed myself and everyone’s company!“

„Barbequeue was great.“

„Great round-up – thank you!“

„Thanks a lot for this convention and for your service and your love! Can we have a disco next year?“

„Lovely week-end, wonderful location, nice rooms.“


Doing Service at the Convention

The 2017 Convention Committee is looking for volunteers because there can be no convention without help.

Taking a position in the Convention Committee is a great and meaningful way of being of service in Al-Anon. But also: Being a part of the Convention Committee is fun!

Talk to your sponsor about it, make up your mind, and join the Convention Committee.

A few examples of service positions in the committee are:

  • Community Information (advertise the convention in groups, send flyers, announce it at regular meetings)
  • Public Information (i.e. advertise the convention next to health professionals)
  • Food&Drink manager (Is there water and coffee in the meeting rooms? Cookies?)
  • Chief Care Team for overwhelmed guests

So if you would like to do service at this year’s Al-Anon convention, please send an email to edda_f(@)